Sushi By Kyoto   Almén Gest Design has developed the concept and design for the ambitious sushi restaurant Sushi By Kyoto in Frösunda Port. Contemporary sushi with lunch and dinner […]

TERASSO  for Karl Andersson & Söner Terasso is a bookshelf inspired by transparency and airiness. The result is shelves that open up and let the light in which creates better surfaces […]

Paradiset – Sveriges Godaste Matmarknad Opened in June 2015. paradise is Scandinavia’s largest grocery store with organic products. The store, which is the first of a broader initiative , located on […]

Waynes Coffee Kristianstad Almen Gest Design has designed a new café for Wayne’s Coffee. The cafe has an area of 160 square meters and is situated in the heart of […]

ICA Stop Täby The owners of the ICA Stop Täby had a vision to create a restaurant that feels inviting for both lunch and evening dining. The solution was a […]

COMO The lamp stand ”Como” has a clean and simple expression. The base also works as a practical catchment for small items. The lamp comes in three heights. Produced by […]

EAT & MEAT  A new restaurant concept established in Söderhamn Eat & Meat’s restaurant built in a pavilion next to the existing shopping center. The concept was crossover food for […]

SOLARIS For Nola. By taking the octagon as the basis for this multi-faceted planter, design duo Alméngest created a striking geometric form that uses light and shadow to taint its angled […]

TRELLIS FOR NOLA Comprised of individual, identical panels, this wall-mounted structure can be attached directly to an architectural exterior, erected alongside a garden wall or fixed to a landscape structure. […]

  COX SOFA The sofa Cox is designed for the brand Interstop coming under Offeecct AB. Cox is designed to have its own expression regardless of which way you respond […]