CAFÈ RIVAL Rival Café is open seven days a week and is a popular meeting place. They serve everything from breakfast to dinner easier. Café Rival outdoor dining from April […]

BEAT Due to its simple peeled-off shape, Beat is an armchair demanding little physical space. The strict upholstered cushion rests on a stand of oak and the low but yet […]

2K  Just in time for the millennium the 2K cabinet was designed as a development of the popular KA72 cabinet. The cabinets are made of blockboard finished in oak, birch […]

MASSAGOTTI We established a new restaurant and cafe concept in the K5 mall, Vällinby centrum. Massagotti restaurants were built from scratch. The K5 building was designed by the architect Gert Wingårdh. […]

RACK – MIRROR         This stand of stainless design can easily be fixed to a bathroom wall. The functionalistic aesthetics contains just the essentials to work. The stand […]

SATURN Turnable candle holder. The saturn circle serves a small catchment. Made in sand casted aluminium, lacquered in three colors. Designed for Formtanke.

AKADEMISKA SJUKHUSET  We designed a Coffee and food concept  for Amica Fazer. Located in the main entrance of Uppsala hospital. Amica is part of Fazer Food Services, one of the […]

COX Together with Offecct We have developed the upholstered easy chair “Cox” for consumers, offices and leisure enviroments – design that stimulates creative meetings.  

WAYNES COFFEE The building is like an oasis in the middle of one of the fastest growing areas in central Jönköping, along the future promenade from the harbor channel to […]

BOLERO BUENA CAFE The interior was worked out to give a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. And yet at the same time being able to handle take away breakfast and busy […]